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Company Overview

Break Into Product is a one-stop-shop for aspiring PM's looking to land their first role in product management. The site includes a job board with entry-level openings, interviews with experienced PM's, and a compilation of resources to level up.

Having navigated the PM interview process a few years back, I wanted to build the resource I wished I had. My hope is that the next batch of product managers can utilize Break Into Product to chart their journeys.
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Illuminating the Path

One of the core goals of Break Into Product was to show aspiring PM's that there is no single path to getting the job. In fact, the most common theme amongst the PM's I know was that they felt they stumbled into product in part by chance. To showcase the variety of options, I sat down with successful PM's who were willing to share their journeys and suggestions. These interviews were fascinating to conduct and even more exciting to share with future PM's.

Excerpt from my interview with Aravindh Dorai