Virtual reality shopping experiences
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Company Overview

NextRev Commerce was founded in 2017 and seeded with $5M in funding to build the future of e-commerce using virtual and augmented reality. As full-time employee #3, I had the opportunity to wear a number of different hats and help build products from the earliest idea stage.

Focusing primarily on product development, I designed the UI/UX for most of our VR & AR MVP's and ultimately worked with a team of 5 engineers to deliver immersive shopping experiences for brands including Design Within Reach, Oscar De La Renta, and Fred Segal.
2017 - 2019
Unity, iOS
Product Manager, Designer

Immersive Experiences

In the early days we experimented with a wide-range of concepts and technologies in search of an improved online retail experience. Our products mostly divided into one of two categories: AR or VR.

The augmented reality experiences ran on iOS using Apple's ARKit. Utilizing life-like holograms from our partner 8i, our hologram shopping apps projected 3D models into the user's physical space.

The virtual reality experiences were built on gaming platforms including Unity and WebVR. These immersive experiences included 3D walk-throughs of branded stores viewable on both VR headsets and the web.

Initial Concepts

Hologram Shopping

One of our first experimental products was a hologram shopping experience. For enabled products, users could "place" a 3D model into their home and see a potential purchase from all angles.

We partnered with celebrity influencers such as Annie Leblanc and Jen Selter to bring their unique personalities into the product.
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3D Virtual Stores

The first product we decided to bring to market broadly was a customizable "virtual store" where customers could experience retail shops in 3D from the comfort of their home. In partnership with Mastercard we built immersive shopping experiences for a number of different brands including Goop, Fred Segal, and Faherty.